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Borrowing from RPL

It’s not just about books anymore. We’ve got an amazing selection of materials for you to choose from, including music, films, art and more. And all you need is your library card.

Library Cards

Your library card is a lot like your favourite childhood toy — or your mobile phone.

  • It goes everywhere with you: you can use it at any Saskatchewan Public Library.
  • You use it all the time: you need it for all of your library transactions.
  • You’re responsible for looking after it: and the materials you borrow with it.
  • It adds a lot to your life: you can check out up to 100 items at a time.

A few things to remember when checking out materials:

  • High demand items, like DVDs, CDs, Popular Picks, and art rental have limits on the number of items you can borrow at any one time.
  • Toys are not currently available for borrowing.
  • Most items have a 28-day loan period. Others, like DVDs and magazines, have a seven day loan period.
  • When possible, we'll give you a receipt that shows what you checked out and when it’s due. If a receipt isn't available, you can always sign into your account online to see what you have out. 
  • You’ll have to pay the cost of repairing or replacing materials that are lost or damaged while checked out on your library card.
  • Regina Public Library is not responsible for any damage or loss to persons, property or equipment sustained as a result of using or consulting RPL materials.

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Loan Periods

Loan periods are different, depending on what type of materials you’re borrowing.

Item Loan Period in Days Renewals
Art Rental    42    2 in person only
Books    21    2
CDs    21    2
DVDs/ Blu-ray     7    2
Interlibrary loan*    21 At the discretion of the lending library
Literacy materials    21    2
Magazines     7    1
Popular Picks (Books)    21    0
Popular Picks (DVDs)     7    0
Spoken word    21    2
Toys*    21    0
Video games     7    1
Videos     7    2

*Toys are not available at this time. 


You are responsible for making sure that all the items borrowed on your card are returned and checked in on time.


Overdue fines are suspended until September, 2020. 

The best way to avoid fines or loss of borrowing privileges is to bring your materials back on time.

  • We’ll notify you by email, phone or mail if your items are due.
  • You can also login to your account online to see when items are due.
  • Most library materials can be renewed, as long as no one else has a hold on them. Login to your account, call 306.777.6111 or contact us at one of our branches to renew.

Fines on overdue materials accumulate daily, building up to a maximum fine that varies depending on the type of materials you’ve borrowed. You can pay fines and fees at any RPL location or online using a Visa or Mastercard.

Borrowing privileges are suspended when:

  • A bill to replace lost or damaged materials is assessed on your account.

Suspensions due to fines or fees total $10 or more have been waived until September, 2020. 

All bills for lost or damaged materials include:

  • The replacement cost of each item, and
  • An additional $7 non-refundable processing fee for each item, including Children’s materials.

Borrowing privileges are restored when:

  • Fines and fees are paid down to an amount less than $10, and/or
  • Lost materials are returned and any bill for replacement or damage is paid.
  • If an item is returned in good condition within 6 months of the payment date, a refund will be made, minus any overdue fines and fees.

Get the details on loan periods, renewals and fines for different materials.

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Try our digital services – it might be available in eBook or eAudiobook format, or through one of our streaming services.

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Have more questions?

See our Help sections on Borrowing, Placing Holds and Renewing Items and Your Library Card and Account.

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