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RPL Curbside Pickup

Service Highlights

  • Curbside pickup is available at all locations
  • Check It Out bags are available at all locations
  • Books4Me selections are available for pickup at all locations

Curbside Pickup

If you've received notice that your holds are ready, you can come inside or use our Curbside Pickup service. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to your pickup location and call the number listed on the Curbside Pickup sign outside the branch.
  2. Please wait 2 metres back from the designated pickup table.
  3. Staff will come out and place your items on the table.
    • Requests with three or more items will be pre-bagged for you.
    • Requests with less than three items will not be bagged, but you are welcome to bring your own bag to carry them in.
      • If you're unable to carry materials without a bag, let us know and we'll provide one for you.
  4. After the staff member returns inside then please approach and take your items.

Curbside Hours

Curbside Pickup Service is available at all locations during regular business hours. Check our locations page for the most up to date hours information.

Curbside Pickup Phone Numbers

  • Central Library:  306.777.6164 
  • Albert Branch:  306.777.6072 
  • Connaught Branch:  306.777.6173 
  • George Bothwell Branch:  306.777.6210 
  • Glen Elm Branch:  306.777.6014 
  • Prince of Wales Branch:  306.777.6115 
  • Regent Place Branch:  306.777.6170 
  • Sunrise Branch:  306.777.6118 
  • Sherwood Village Branch:  306.777.6416 


Please return your materials as soon as you're finished with them, so others can enjoy them!

  • Materials returns are open 24/7 at all branches.
  • Materials will be held in return bins for a quarantine period before we begin the check-in process. 
  • Once the quarantine is over, we'll check your items in and get them back on the shelves.  

Check It Out

You can get a Check It Out bag in a few different ways:

  • Request one using our online form
  • Pick one up inside the branch
  • Or ask for one when you call the curbside holds pickup number

When you request a Check It Out bag online, we’ll choose 5-20 items specifically for your interests, and contact you when they are ready to pick-up. 

If asking for Check It Out when inside the branch or picking up at curbside, library staff will let you know what topics are available.


Answer a few quick questions about your reading preferences and we’ll send you an email with a personalized list of books. Fill out the questionnaire

Text reads, hotline service hours.


Staff are available to help you by phone or email during regular business hours. Visit our locations page for the most up to date hours information.

Call us at 306.777.6000 or email

Can I extend my pickup deadline if I can’t make it? How?

Please call the Hotline at (306) 777-6000 if you have concerns about picking up your holds.

How long will I be able to keep my new holds?

You can keep your new items for four weeks.

I forgot my library card. Can I still pick up my holds?

The following can be used as ID to verify yourself for holds pickup:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Nexus Card
  • Student Card
  • Military ID
  • Government ID card
  • Indigenous ID (Treaty Card/Metis card)
  • Landed immigrant card
  • Business/Employer photo ID (preferably with identifying number)
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