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No Results for: The Writing of Fiction
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Writing Help at RPL

Writing Help at RPL Blog Body Hi! I’m J. Jill Robinson, the … to share with you a bit about myself and what I can offer to beginner and established writers in Regina and the

10 Ingredients You Need To Write A Short Story With Your Kids.

… Story With Your Kids. Blog Body Choose a time and place.   The best time is when everyone can be together and … family gathering spot. Invite everyone to a fun game of, “Let’s Write a Story!” Decide who will be the scribe? It’s important for the person writing to use the words contributed without editing, so …

Books That Became Oscar-Nominated Movies

… Books That Became Oscar-Nominated Movies Blog Body The 2020 Oscar nominations dropped and a lot of the films being recognized this year are based on books. … You Say... Hero?" has been hailed as a classic of magazine writing. Now, his moving story of meeting and observing the

Make Settings Come Alive

… you’re sitting right now, have a look around. Notice the pictures on the wall; what’s on the table or desk in front of you; the kind of chair or couch you’re sitting on. What … me the world you’re inhabiting, so I can be there too. When writing, you let the reader into the world you’re creating …

A book for every podcast

… And everyone loves a good book, so we thought we would pair the two and create a list of books to read similar to or based on popular podcasts. … the world, proving repeatedly that truth is scarier than fiction. The late Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone in the

New Year New Book Club

… New Year New Book Club Blog Body After the busy holiday season, January is the perfect month to … time reading and enjoying great books. At the library, one of the things we love most about reading is talking about a … Ru won the Governor General's Award for French-language fiction at the 2010 Governor General's Awards. Born …

If you like: Stranger Things

… If you like: Stranger Things Blog Body Have you seen the new trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things? We are headed back to the Upside Down … final season before childish things are put away. His writing lingers on the bittersweet pangs of first love and …

Let's Talk About Racism

… Blog Body Racism and racial injustice have been all over the media in recent months.  With so many stories and … on Black Lives Matter in Canada   gives an overview of the most urgent issues facing the Black community in … Ladner If it works for your learning style to mix in some fiction, you might want to explore our Indigenous Voices …

Regina Public Library introduces 2017-2018 Writer in Residence

… Battershill. Originally from British Columbia, he attended the University of Toronto, where he studied creative writing. He has just relocated to Regina with his wife …

Shannon Lee Simmons: Worry-Free Money

… like me, you wish someone could make it easy for you to pay off student loans, save for a down payment, and still have … We’re looking forward to having Shannon Lee Simmons here at the library to talk about her guilt-free, … Findley is a Canadian gem. This was my introduction to his writing. I read it at the beach (it’s a mystery set on at a …

Writer in Residence

… Writer in Residence … We are pleased to announce the selection of the 2021-2022 Writer in Residence! Neil Aitken Neil … editor, and translator with a multi-genre MFA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Literature & Creative Writing. He is …

Indigenous Voices: Sharing Our Stories

… newest collection puts Indigenous authors front and centre. The Indigenous Voices collection focuses on writings by and about Indigenous peoples and cultures, … Select Blog Type Marketing and Communications Select Author of Blog Post Geoffrey from Collections Marketing Tags …
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