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Dunlop Art Gallery offers a variety of educational and recreational programs that provide opportunities for visitors to explore and engage with current exhibitions as well as other arts-related practices. 

Sculpture of a Grizzly Bear

WORKSHOPS (all ages)

Wide ranging art-related workshops are offered by professional artists through our digital media channels that provide specialized learning, exploring current and traditional artistic techniques and processes. Different workshops and programs accommodate a variety of age groups, including babies, children, teens, and adults. These workshops are free of charge. 

Visit Dunlop Learning for more resources and information on Dunlop exhibitions and projects. 

What's Happening

Sep 26
Sep 26
Sep 27
Stitch, Make and Chat

1:00pm, George Bothwell Branch

Dunlop Art Gallery

2311 12th Avenue Regina SK Canada S4P 3Z5
Regina, Saskatchewan

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