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Submitting Materials

How do I submit my title to be considered for RPL's collections?

Regina Public Library collects materials in a wide range of formats for the information, education, enrichment and recreation of all members of the community.

When choosing materials for inclusion in RPL's collections the Collections Unit uses reviewing and selection tools, including:

  • Consultations with branch staff
  • Assessment of Publishers' catalogues and public input
  • Review of interlibrary loans and circulation records, and other standard processes.

If you have a title that you'd like considered for Regina Public Library's collections, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your name and email address
  • The author or creator's name
  • The title of the item
  • The producer or publisher of the work
  • ISBN or other standard number
  • Date of publication
  • Price
  • Subject matter and intended audience
  • Any published reviews

These details as well as any additional, relevant information should be sent to:

Please note that RPL can only provide access to eBooks that are available through our eBook vendors, so we are unable to add eBooks from other parties to our collection.

What Happens Next?

The information above will be used to determine if your submission will be added to our collection. This is all we need to make an informed selection, so please don't deliver or send us a review copy of the material. It won't be added to our collection, and it won't improve the chances of your suggestion being selected.

All unsolicited books, CDs and other items we receive are treated as donated materials: they may be included in the library's book sale, donated to charities, or recycled, in accordance with RPL's Collections Policy, section 1.23.

The library is not obligated to inform donors about the disposition of their donations.

While we'd love to reply to each request individually, we aren't able to because of the high volume and variety of requests we receive. If you are interested in seeing what we have added to our Collection, please check out our online catalogue!

Thank you for your interest in helping us grow our collections.


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Not an author, publisher or other creator?

Find more information on Suggesting and Requesting Materials.

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