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DIY Family Resources

A parent and child read together.

Create your own Family Storytime at home with your loved ones. Your friends at Regina Public Library have pulled together this guide to help you learn and play together. 

Click here for the full instructional video playlist or watch them below.

Below are some additional resources and ideas to help get your family started. Happy storytelling!

Opening and Closing Songs

Opening and closing your storytime with a song is a great way to let your family know when the fun is about to begin and end. Songs build excitement and a sense of routine.  For opening and closing songs ideas, check out J-brary and


Choose books as a family. We suggest several online resources for digital books for kids, including TumbleBooks , Bookflix , and Storyline Online. Or, use any of the books you have in your home!

Action Rhymes and Songs

Between each story, try singing a song or saying a rhyme to keep things exciting. Here are some online resources to give your family ideas:


Extension Activities

Here are some activities you can choose to include in your DIY Storytime:


For educational library resources you can get from anywhere, click here .

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