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    Need reliable health information?  Here is a list of reputable and reliable health sources found on the web.  In our stacks, you can find Medical and Health information from 610 to 619.  Books on addiction and mental health can also be found in the 362’s.


    Finding Reliable Online Health Information

    There is a lot of good quality health information online, but it is important to be sure the information you are accessing is reliable.

    Websites that are created by an organization or educational institution that are well-known are likely to be the most reliable.  These may include:

    • hospitals
    • universities
    • government agencies
    • national organizations

    Websites you can trust for health information in Saskatchewan

    Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA)

    The SHA’s mission is to supply safe, high-quality health care to the public. In particular, the HealthLine webpage is a good resource to explore health information and search for a particular topic. Search results will supply credible information that can be used to make informed decisions about your health.

    211 Saskatchewan

    211 Saskatchewan offers a database of more than six thousand community, social, non-clinical health, and government services across the province.

    Other trusted source

    Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

    Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

    Health Canada 

    Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professional

    Saskatchewan Health Authority

    Caring for Kids

    Canadian Mental Health Association


    For academic peer-reviewed information try these:

    SHA Covid-19 Articles

    PubMed Central


     Things to consider when deciding if a website is dependable:

    • It is clear to you who owns or hosts the information and the website. The owner or host is linked to a government organization, university, hospital, or well-known society (for example Canadian Cancer Society, Arthritis Society, and Heart and Stroke Foundation).
    • Contact information is easily found on the website.
    • The author or editors of the information are qualified health care professionals. You can easily find the name, education, and experience of the person who wrote or edited the information. An editorial board has reviewed the information. The information is up to date and based on scientific evidence, not just opinion.
    • The website is up to date and updated often. There is a date at the bottom of the page or article when the information was written or last reviewed and updated.
    • The website considers your privacy. The website has a privacy policy that explains how it uses your personal information before you choose to provide it.
    • The website has a disclaimer.
    • The website includes an advertising policy. You can find a policy to help you tell the difference between what information is edited properly and what is advertising.
    • The website is easy to use.


    Signs that a website may not be dependable:

    • talk about “miracle cures” or try to make a profit by selling health-related products,
    • rely on personal testimonies to support claims,
    • have advertisements included in the body of the articles,
    • ask you to pay to create an account or to see their information,
    • don’t provide clear author information, the date the website was created or updated, any contact details or a privacy policy. Contains broken links,
    • are made up only of forums or discussion groups.


    Always be sure to discuss any advice or information you find online with your health care provider before acting on it.

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