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Johanna Householder & Judith Price - Diptychs UTC -7/UTC -4

Free Admission | Saturday January 22 - April 17, 2022 at Dunlop Digital Lounge

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Six video works by Johanna Householder and Judith Price, and collaborators.

Watch the Diptychs playlist here

Only connect.

We humans, we animals, are mimetic beings. This quality gives choral singing, unison dancing, synchronized swimming and starling murmurations the power to enthrall, to mesmerize, and to feel. Empathy matches energy.

By August 2020, we needed to loosen up the digital compression of a zoom call as a tool and rattle its impact on our formerly multiform lives, so we challenged each other to improvise a new relationality. Seeing and thinking spontaneously, moving, experimenting with a desire to reach around and through the screen, we mapped potential and new spatial relationships. We learn to read the screen differently. What surrounds us accrues alternative meanings when read as mise-en-scène.

Recorded on Zoom, between Pacific (UTC -7) and Eastern time (UTC -4), these episodes are an attempt to restore touch and peripheral vision to a world condensed into a 2880 x 1800 slab of metals and electrons. The crude imprecision of the technologies through which we now communicate flattens geographies and obliterates time zones. It also subtly renders affect ineffective, demanding that we tunnel our visions. All backgrounds appear as virtual.

Jan 22
1. Episodes 6, 7, 9, 14, 15: Smoke & Mirrors, Sound by Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse
In which we explore the architectures that we inhabit in common, uncovering perhaps a continuous household.

Feb 7
2. Episode 3 & 8: Marxist Crows
Soliloquy by Jeanne Randolph
In which we replace ourselves in order to introduce a particular outsiders' perspective on the covid lockdown situation.

Feb 21
3. Episode 5: 43.6532° N, 79.3832° W / 48.4284° N, 123.3656° W,
Sound by Anne Bourne
In which we continue to explore architecture and recognize the relationship between mirrors and screens.

March 7
4. Episode 11: Kitchen party
Sound by Homo Monstrous
In which we explore each other's fridges and pantries, tuning into domestic concerns and exchanging recipes across time and space.

March 21
5. Episode 20: Object lesson
Sound by Rita McKeough
In which we give the space over to the objects at hand to find their own relationships.

April 4
6. Episodes 2021: Zoom escapes
Sound by Jeff Morton
In which we try to leave, to explore the limits, and zoom itself takes over the editing, deciding who and what to show.


2022, Jan 22 2022, 9:00am - 10:00am


Dunlop Digital Lounge,


Performance, Current
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