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Hassan, Jamelie (1990)

The core of this exhibition is a three-part installation, "The Trilogy." Each part of the trilogy takes its title directly from Salman Rushdie's novels: Midnight's Children, Shame, and The Satanic Verses. Addressing the intimacy of reading in oblique overlays of image and text, identity and voice, "The Trilogy" was conceived in response to the actual events surrounding the suppression of The Satanic Verses and the threat to Rushdie's life. In addition to "The Trilogy," the exhibition included an earlier work, "Meeting Nasser," and a thematically related installation designed specifically for Dunlop Art Gallery display cases. Introduction/Foreword: Peter White

Curator: Peter White
Description: 47 pages; 15 b&w, 8 colour illustrations
Essay: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
ISBN: 0-920085-41-5

Retail Price: $12.00
Wholesale Price: $9.00
RPL Call Number: 709.2 SPIVA 

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