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Art & Cold Cash

Curated by Jeff Nye
Organized by Dunlop Art Gallery. May 14 to July 7, 2011 at Sherwood Village Gallery.

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Jack Butler, Sheila Butler, Patrick Mahon, William Noah, Ruby Arngna'naaq

Art, Exchange and Bartering, Saturday, May 14, 1:00 pm Regina Public Library Film Theatre

In the mid-twentieth century the Canadian Federal and Territorial governments acted in concert to link Arctic art production to cold cash. Bringing a North/South view to bear on this history, the Art and Cold Cash Collective produced art in the southern Canadian cities of Toronto and London, Ontario, and at the same time in the Canadian Arctic, in the community of Baker Lake, Nunavut. Examining Inuit art in the context of the introduction of capitalism into the Canadian Arctic is the primary concern of the Art and Cold Cash Collective.

This project brought three senior Canadian artists, Jack Butler, Sheila Butler and Patrick Mahon, who have lived and worked in the Arctic, together in collaboration with an Inuit artist, William Noah, and an Inuit writer/curator, Ruby Arngna'naaq. The exhibition features individual works by the artists, writing by Arngna'naaq, and video documentation of artistic/creative events created on-site in Baker Lake. Drawings by the late Baker Lake artist Myra Kukiiyaut are also included in the exhibition.

Art and Cold Cash (Installation View), 2011.

Art and Cold Cash (Installation View), 2011.


2011, Jul 7 2011 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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