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Risa Horowitz: Blurry Canada

Curated by Jeff Nye
Organized by Dunlop Art Gallery. January 22 to March 6, 2011 at Sherwood Village Gallery.

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Opening Reception and Artist Talk, Saturday, January 22, 2:00 pm

Since 2001, when she departed from Saskatchewan via the Trans-Canada Highway, Risa Horowitz has collected photographs of the Canadian landscape from the driver's seat. Unable to look through the camera lens and not knowing what images will result, Horowitz spontaneously responds to the environment as she speeds through it. Having lived in seven Canadian provinces over the past decade, Risa Horowitz has come to appreciate Canada with an odd form of patriotism informed by the most cursory access to (and distance from) our hinterland from vantage points along our main highway. During the summer of 2010 Risa Horowitz conducted a coast to coast 'survey' of the Trans-Canada Highway, collecting digital still images and high-definition video along the way. The thousands of images and hundreds of hours of video gathered during this trip have been analyzed and categorized to form the bulk of Blurry Canada.

Horowitz's art practice is centered on processes involving collection, endurance, and methods of amassing and interpreting data. Interested in language and communication, her work of late has become more and more focused upon the divisive categories of expert-amateur, work-hobby, and leisure-productivity. She is completing a PhD in Studio Art at York University.

Risa Horrowitz, Blurry Canada (Installation View), 2011. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Risa Horrowitz, Blurry Canada (Installation View), 2011. Photo courtesy of the artist.


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