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Sylvia Ziemann: Possible Worlds

Curated by Jeff Nye
Organized by Dunlop Art Gallery. May 22 to July 18, 2010, at Sherwood Village Gallery.

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Exhibition Reception and Artist talk: Saturday, June 12, 3:00pm

Possible Worlds by Regina artist Sylvia Ziemann immerses the viewer in a fictional, but entirely possible future world in which people have had to respond to natural disasters, climate change, and pandemic diseases. The new multi-media sculptures that make up the exhibition are precisely detailed architectural models for imagined future dwellings. The miniature structures, ranging from a rich industrialist’s floating compound to a camouflaged tower in a B.C. forest, also contain audio and video components, surveillance devices, and security systems that evoke the knee-jerk reactions to terrorism and violence that have become increasingly evident in both public and private spaces.

Possible Worlds emerged out of Ziemann’s drive to investigate worst-case scenarios and to realize an ingenious way out. The ingenuity that they employ is born out of basic survival instincts; to protect, to hide, and to keep watch. Through Possible Worlds, Ziemann asks viewers to think about our response to natural catastrophes, pandemics of contagious disease, or climate change, and what increased surveillance says about the levels of security, insecurity and suspicion in contemporary society.

Sylvia Ziemann was born & raised in Edmonton. She earned a diploma in painting from the Alberta College of Art and Design (1983) and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1986). Sylvia moved to Regina in 1999 and introduced Artist Trading cards there in 2003. She has had solo exhibitions in The New Gallery, Triangle and Truck galleries in Calgary.

 Sylvia Ziemann, Possible Worlds (Installation View), 2010.

Sylvia Ziemann, Possible Worlds (Installation View), 2010.


2010, Jul 18 2010 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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