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Lyndal Osborne: ab ovo

Curated by Catherine Livingstone
Organized by Dunlop Art Gallery. January 23 to March 21, 2010 at Sherwood Village Gallery.

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Opening Reception and Artist talk: January 23, 2010, 2:00pm

The work of Edmonton-based artist Lyndal Osborne grafts connections between the natural world and our artificial harnessing of its bounty. Inspired by her own garden, Osborne hovers somewhere between the imaginary worlds of Victorian wanderer-naturalist and critic of industrial/corporate science. For this installation at Sherwood Village, the artist was inspired by ‘seed banks’ – facilities which have been established by almost every country to protect and store their national heritage of wild and crop seeds for future generations. ab ovo refers to those seeds – the beginnings of life.

This installation includes a series of glass forms filled with enlarged seeds created from Osborne’s signature eclectic mix of materials. Sculpted out of foam and wood, oranges, sponge cakes, grape skins, coconuts, fungus and crab shells (to name a few), these magnified replicas of seed forms were inspired by electron microscopic images from the Millennium Seed Bank in London, U.K. Placed in close proximity is a lab table and glove compartment enabling public interaction with these brightly coloured forms.

Lyndal Osborne was born in Newcastle (New South Wales) Australia.  She studied at the National Art School in Sydney and received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin, USA.  Since 1971, Osborne has been based in Edmonton, and is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta. Osborne has been exhibiting in Canada and internationally since the early 1970's and has shown in over 300 exhibitions.  Her work is represented in numerous Canadian collections, including: National Gallery of Canada;  Glenbow Museum, Calgary; Art Gallery of Alberta; Art Gallery of Hamilton; University of Saskatchewan; and University of Calgary. 

Lyndal Osborne, ab ovo (Installation View), 2010.

Lyndal Osborne, ab ovo (Installation View), 2010.


2010, Mar 21 2010 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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