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Recent Acquisitions

Exhibition of recent work acquired by the Regina Public Library.

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Allen Clarke, Starvation Flats

The policy of Dunlop Art Gallery is to collect, research, catalogue and preserve art of contemporary and historical significance by Saskatchewan artists. Over the last three years, the Gallery has acquired significant works that reveal important orientations of gallery programming. For instance, the Gallery works with contemporary art that reflects critical issues of everyday life. Patrick Traer's falling from afar give cartoon-like shapes corporeal substance through the light box medium. Their disquieting beauty alludes to our vulnerable bodies by referencing electronic media, genetic engineering and biotechnology. Jeannie Mah's Familiar but Foreign incorporates snapshots from her Chinese parent's family album into the surface of eggshell-thin porcelain vessels. As fragile receptacles for cultural history they lead to questions of overlapping ethnicity, of traditions maintained or abandoned, and to what is recorded in history and what is not. The Gallery actively includes Aboriginal art as a vital component of its programs. With forceful anger and humour a characteristic of his biting critique, Allen Clarke tackles head-on the distribution of resources within Indian communities in Starvation Flats. Last year four of Ann Harbuz's most significant works were purchased, contributing to a long-standing initiative of the Gallery to research and present Saskatchewan folk art.


2002, Sep 12 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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