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Kim Adams: Street Works

Exhibition of documentary photographs by Ontario artist Kim Adams.

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Kim Adams Street Works (installation view Art Gallery of Calgary) Photo: Rebecca Rowle

My research began in high school while I was skipping classes. I found street life more interesting. Later, I began traveling with a caravan as part of late-hippie culture: in those days, converting your bus was what you were supposed to do. Paint it yourself, make the roof higher, start having babies, start traveling. It was a freedom culture of sorts, and I did enjoy the idea of being a gypsy. I was a musician at the time too, playing in acoustic love bands. One day, I came out of an art gallery in Victoria and there was a vehicle that somebody had converted for hunting. From that point on my art practice changed and I just started seeing these things all over the place... (Kim Adams. "Interview with Rafael Gomez-Moriana." C Magazine Summer 2001, 12-17) The exhibition includes documentary photographs of what the artist calls vernacular "street designs" or "street remakes" and the Kim Adams auto-domicile Bottle Van. Street Works evokes issues related to the American auto industry, Southern California "Kustom Kar Kulture," urban settlement in North America and the resurgence of interest in ideas of "nomadism" within current architectural theory and art criticism. These works synthesize the confrontation and exchange between the human desires for free expression and relative autonomy, and the easy comfort of systemized transport, entertainment and urban settlement.


2002, Sep 8 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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