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Rebecca Belmore: 33 Pieces

Installation of sculpture and mixed media works that recalls the past performance works of Rebecca Belmore.

Additional Information

Rebecca Belmore, Mister Luna, 2001, mixed media

Rebecca Belmore has always been interested in performance as a tool to engage a particular context, physical environment and cultural history, a constant thread linking her personal and political concerns as an artist of Ojibway ancestry. Named after the 33 pieces of the human spinal column, this work consists of an installation of sculpture and mixed media works recalling her past performance works. The installation draws on the physical and conceptual elements of these performances that act as the invisible point of departure or backbone for the work. The repeated, but differentiated use of certain materials - including wood, nails and cloth - suggest physical and conceptual links to the performances and are employed in spatial ways to achieve an interlocking installation. These materials act as components of her language that reflects her ongoing commitment to concerns related to memory, nature and history.


2002, Jul 7 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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