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Hyperspace: Lenticular Photographs

Curated by Jack Anderson
Exhibition of lenticular photographs curated by Jack Anderson

Additional Information

DAVID THAUBERGER Prairie Sentinel/Winter Sentinel (detail), 2002, lenticular photograph

The lenticular photographic process allows images to flip from one to another depending on the angle of viewing. The technology was first applied in the 1950s to postcards and small novelty items using a wide range of popular imagery. These "multi-dimensional" images arguably lend themselves to scientific theory. Hyperspace theory suggests the possibility of multi-dimensional universes and even time travel. With this additional context, the lenticular images of the artists expand the dialectics of surface, depth, the virtual, psychological and technological into an exploration of our habitual perceptions. Five artists have created new lenticular photographs especially for this exhibition. The artists are known for their work in a variety of mediums: David Thauberger (Regina) and Douglas Walker (Toronto) for painting; Lynne Cohen (Ottawa) and Evergon (Montreal) for photography; and, Sylvie Bélanger (Toronto) for new media.


2002, Jul 14 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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