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Artist in Residence: Shirley Brown

Artist Residency in conjunction with The Library Project.

Additional Information

Shirley Brown, Treasures 2000, wood, polyfilla, paint, molding paste, fake jewels, paper, gold leaf, polaroid image transfer onto old image

The organizer of The Library Project, artist Shirley Brown, has been invited as the resident artist when the show is in Regina. Brown will use old encyclopedias and discarded books from the Regina Public Library system to engage schools and other groups in workshops and demonstrations. These events will be used to encourage participants to look at contemporary art by thinking about the relationship between the artist's materials/methods and the artist's intentions. Shirley Brown made her own artwork entitled Treasures (the Treasure Box) for The Library Project. She had this to say about her work: "It is my belief that all of us have tremendous creative potential. It sometimes just means letting oneself DO. Some of us do it through visual art. We, as humans, all have passions for something, music or a garden or a farm or even a golf course. I want to offer viewers the chance to stimulate their inventive minds. Those who wish may take an object from this box that I have created. It contains items from my studio and the studios of other artists. I hope that you will take the object away and do something creative with it.." Shirley Brown will provide each class or group with a tour of the exhibition discussing the artists' intentions, materials and possible thought processes. She will look for input from participants as to their thoughts. She will then invite students to select a discarded library book to create a work of art using a theme of their own, using an object of their own choice from her Treasure Box to stimulate their artistic journey with the discarded book. The art in the exhibition will indicate that they can address any issue they desire. She will follow up by meeting with each class to discuss what they are doing and how they feel the project is progressing.


2002, May 10 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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