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Greg Payce

Recent ceramic vessels of Calgary artist Greg Payce.

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GREG PAYCE SSSSSSS (detail) 2000, earthenware clay

The recent ceramic vessels of Calgary artist Greg Payce utilize the negative space between pottery forms to create images. By looking at what is essentially not there - yet suggested by the outlines of these objects - the viewer constructs images in their own mind. By this means, Payce unleashes a variety of associations that touch on cognitive science, cinema, illusion, and the possibilities of the visual as language and narrative form. This exhibition, Payce's first in Regina, will feature his monumental work Al Barelli (2001). Al Barelli features two human-size vessels whose shapes create the outline of a figure. The visual acuity of these artworks speaks of not only of Payce's remarkable technical skill, but of issues that have traditionally been the realm of other disciplines. We are presented with not only questions of decorative and material forms, but of how we see, understand, and create meaning. Greg Payce lives in Calgary where he is an instructor in Ceramics at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He has exhibited, given workshops, and lectured internationally. His artwork is in numerous private and public collections.


2002, May 5 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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