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Exhibition of work by Prince Albert artist Karen Skoronski.

Additional Information

Kitka's Ascension II (detail) 1996, mixed media

Prince Albert artist Karen Skoronski is interested in the "relationship between the threshold and the space beyond." She understands this relationship as a journey that signifies "the potential of the human spirit through a process of transformation." Skoronski constructs assemblages from wallpaper she has salvaged from old farmhouses in Saskatchewan. She processes the encrusted wallpaper layers, separates them and re-layers them in new configurations. The spaces at the doorways of abandoned houses, the entrances to caves, tombs and forts have influenced the imagery of her work, as has the architecture of India and Asia where she has travelled. Her work is both meditative and emotional. As she transforms the old wallpaper into her own images, her work is increasingly progressing to abstraction. The process of making itself becomes inextricably linked with the continuous journey of human discovery. It is both the imagery and the sense of process in her work that enhance its metaphoric and iconic significance of threshold and transformation.


2002, Feb 28 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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