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Notes from the 20th

Installation by Montreal artist Freda Guttman.

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To Archive the Shape of Memory (detail): Every Epoch Dreams, 1999 - 2000, mixed media

The exhibition by Montreal artist, Freda Guttman, brings together installation works about existence in the tumultuous 20th century. Her works examine the construction of history and how, in our psyches, personal memory is intermeshed with historical events. The work considers the effect that the contingencies of life - race, class, gender, place, time and history - have on an individual human being. She is interested as well in how technologies of representation and communication (de)construct and (re)construct our personal and historical narratives. In Monotony is Nourished by the New, Guttman presents us with replicas of early phonographs, which not only draw our attention to the media machines of representation and communication of the 20th century but also provide a metaphor for recurring historical cycles. The "records" are imprinted with anamorphic images and move counter-clockwise on the turntables, as if backwards in time. Anamorphosis is a process by which images are executed in a mathematically determined distortion and can be restored to their original perspective. The mirrored cylinder at the centre of the machine allows us to correct our "seeing." Other works in the exhibition include the large video projection Act 1 of Cassandra: An Opera in Four Acts and To Archive the Shape of Memory. The latter is a reminder of a phenomenon of the 20th century - the enthrallment of masses by authoritarian figures, of the horrific and haunting consequences, and of the seeds that lie in childhood experience.


2002, Mar 17 2002 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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