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Critic-in-residence: Dr. Jeanne Randolph

The purpose of the residency program is to allow critics the time and resources to concentrate on their work. They are available to the community to discuss the arts and critique works.

Additional Information

Dunlop Art Gallery is pleased to announce our Critic-in-Residence: Dr. Jeanne Randolph. While at the gallery, Randolph will be contemplating the predicament of culture in contemporary North American society. Currently she is writing a book titled THE ETHICS OF LUXURY: conscience and material abundance. A third compilation of her collected writings 1996-2001, WHY STOICS BOX and other writings on art and society, will be published soon by YYZ Books. Randolph is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, and an associate staff psychiatrist at the Toronto General Hospital. Jeanne Randolph is known as one of Canada's foremost art critics and is a national treasure. She has brought to art writing a distinct and creative approach that is especially informed by her practice as a psychoanalyst. In particular, Randolph is known for applying psychoanalytic Object Relations theory to the interpretation of art and visual culture. As Randolph says, "Object Relations theory is the study of interactions and, as such, would not separate fact from preconceptions, inferences and conclusions." What this means for the interpretation of art is that individual subjectivity (the person who is interacting with the art) is relevant, and in fact unavoidably a part of the interpretation of the work. By questioning our assumptions about art, Randolph approaches it in a fashion unblinkered by habitual readings. Such tropes as artistic authority, connoisseurship, or jargon may intimidate or alienate art viewers on the one hand, and defeat a meaningful interpretation by art critics on the other. Randolph does an end run around these obstacles to open up a productive field of play and enchantment. Randolph's consideration of the entirety of visual culture compellingly complements Dunlop Art Gallery's mandate of researching visual culture, and presenting its research in publicly accessible formats. Randolph's diverse preoccupations, from classical literature to boxing and architecture (she and her partner artist Bernie Miller collaborated on a critique of the Vancouver Public Library building), will be of interest to the Regina Public Library's diverse clientele. She is available to writers, artists and the public one day a week, by appointment.Her books are available for borrowing at Dunlop Art Gallery research centre, including the titles Psychoanalysis and Synchronized Swimming and other writings on art (1991), and Symbolization and its Discontents (1997).


2002, Mar 8 2002 - All day


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