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Space Camp 2000: Uncertainty, Speculative Fictions & Art

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Star Trek Disco Generation Gordon Wong 1997 Running time: 5:00 minutes The crew of the Enterprise defeat the Borg invasion with the irresistible power of disco! A fast-paced spoof of space opera music videos, featuring stop-action animation and a great retro soundtrack. doktor Ovakozminsky Clark Nikolai 1991 Running time: 15:00 minutes doktor Ovakozminsky lives alone in his small apartment "channelling" symbols from beyond. Obviously immersed in his activity, he discovers a few more clues as to the source of these symbols. Eight Men Called Eugene Susan C. Rynard 1996 Running time: 12:00 minutes Eight Men Called Eugene is a seductive and witty faux documentary that unravels the work of eight genetic scientists. Dr. Wanda A. Langton takes the viewer on a rapid journey from the field's quiet origins to its explosive implications in our present technological era -- creating an uncomfortable parallel between a eugenic past and the genetic future. Master F There Are People Who Karma Clarke Davis 1998 Running time: 6:00 minutes With trippy music, a dreamy trip to the corner store exploring alienation in everyday life. Jerungdu Michael Balser 1986 Running time: 13:09 minutes Jerungdu is an experimental tape which examines sex roles, a science fiction/anthropological hybrid which problematizes and "makes strange" western culture. A second level of information is incorporated in the form of a "science program" about black holes and the origin of the universe. A question is asked -- "is this science or ficition? Belief systems are juggled, sex role stereotyping is pulled apart, the Beaver experiences homosexual panic while his mother solves domestic problems, and a science lecture becomes a metaphor for modern relationships. Vessel for a Lower Ocean Karen Hoeberg 1999 Running time: 13:00 minutes A poetic meditation on alien abduction, significantly diverging from journalistic and quasi-scientific tropes in UFO narratives. Rum and Coca-Cola David Tomas 1992 Running time: 17:00 minutes This video explores some of the connections between technologies of military conquest as deployed by the Canadian Army at Oka, Quebec in 1990, and similar technologies of conquest, as well as strategies of colonization and race and gender stereotypes, which were deployed in the popular imagination by way of a 1940s hit "Rum and Coca-Cola" and the 1954 science fiction film Earth vs the Flying Saucers. Colonization: The Second Coming Thirza Cuthand 1996 Running time: 3:30 minutes In this sci-fi tale of conquest and empowerment, sex-toys become beacons for a new species of colonizers. Star Trek Generation Spice Gordon Wong 1998 Running time: 5:00 minutes The crew of the Enterprise find themselves on a planet where they are confronted by Girl power! *The artist videos in the above program will be available for viewing in Dunlop Art Gallery Resource Centre, from October 28 to December 10, as part of the exhibition Space Camp 2000: Uncertainty, Speculative Fictions and Art. Intermission Feature Film information TBA. November 2,3,4,5 David Cronenberg film series Presented by Regina Public Library Film Theatre Regular admission prices apply See Film Theatre Calendar


2000, Oct 31 2000 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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