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Space Camp 2000: Uncertainty, Speculative Fictions & Art

Round Table Discussion

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Round Table Discussion Inter-planetary Space Agency: Transgression, Identity and Post-Colonialism in Speculative Fictions To join and extend divergent sensibilities and practices, campers gathered for exploring speculative fiction and transgression. Participants: Ven Begamudré, Constance Penley, Fastwürms, Jeanne Randolph, Colleen Cutschall, Louise K. Wilson, Jennifer Hamilton, Neal McLeod. Moderator: Anthony Kiendl. Space Camp 2000 Symposium Closing Remarks Dr. Jeanne Randolph following the roundtable discussion. Jeanne Randolph illustrated how the tension between metaphor and the material world has been a source of controversy throughout the history of science, from Lucretius to Galileo to Heisenberg to Mandelbrot, and uncertainty is at issue in these controversies. Object Relations psychoanalytic theory has addressed these matters in relation both to science and to art. Jeanne's presentation, illustrated with a profusion of slides, demonstrated what object relations psychoanalysts have discovered about the relevance of uncertainty to the making of metaphor.


2000, Oct 29 2000 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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