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Space Camp 2000: Uncertainty, Speculative Fictions & Art


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Goonhilly Earth Station. Photo: Louise K. Wilson

Fastwürms is a collaborative team of artists (Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse) who will present an installation entitled Wurmhole in the Central gallery. The installation is a critical re-imagination of the starship Enterprise from the 1960's television series and its recent incarnations. The bridge is re-interpreted with vinyl bean bag chairs for seating, and portraits on the walls representing the crew. These funky appurtenances, while a humorous parody, also critique conventional television serials for their commonplace repetition of narratives that validate power structures such as hierarchy, domination and colonization. While clothed in ceremonial witch apparel for their portrait as ship security officers/gardeners, they embody the idea of "alien," like Spock from the television series. Their position as witches represent their strategy of criticizing persecution, and the eradication of difference through conversion, even through such popular and insidious means as TV. Fort Qu'Appelle artist Jennifer Hamilton will collaborate with Louise K. Wilson (UK) on a new installation. The piece takes as its starting point the logic and form of a communications centre. It will offer the viewer a number of pathways in which boundaries between remote and tangible territories, between the present and the dream, are blurred. PONG@Goonhilly Earth Station will use the imagery from Goonhilly and disrupted spatial and visual cues to address and "make strange" the lived technological environment on Earth.


2000, Dec 10 2000 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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