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Space Camp 2000: Uncertainty, Speculative Fictions & Art

Storytelling Session

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Unfamiliar radio signals were being transmitted in downtown Regina. A transcription later translated to digital format on Internet radio from the broadly communicative FM Pirate signal relates the following events, from Aboard the space ship S.S. T.I.P.I.'s Cosmic Crow Hop Café, A Cosmic Lounge Singer sang "Space Cowboy" with Guy Albert playing bass. There was an interchange with an Indian "Shaft" character played by Preston Caine. Caine/Shaft was on the verge of a cosmic space voyage, and seeking advice from an old man, his grandfather (played by Albert), who tells a story in Cree about virility, spoofing the whole "macho" ethos. Lawrence Angeconeb presented his piece "Observations from a Rear View Mirror," and some Ojibway UFO abduction stories. Tim Fontaine read "Joe's Fire," an Ojibway version of Dante's Inferno. On the verge of going off to space, Shaft sought more advice from people who had already made the trip: Randy Lundy, Peter Brass, Tim Fontaine, and Neal McLeod. Tim's advice involved an Ojibway story about a man who fell in love with a woman from the moon and how he made a space canoe for her. There were war stories from pre-reservation days, fighting aliens. A story was told about when Crees first encountered the mirror, more performances happened: John Cook, Val Kinistino, Mark Deiter, and a parody of blaxploitation films by Caine/Shaft and Randy Lundy.


2000, Oct 26 2000 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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