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Exhibition by Nova Scotia-based artist Nancy Edell.

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Bricàbra, 1977, oil paint, acrylic gesso, conté, graphite, carving on plywood, hooked rug.

Women and girls are the main protagonists in Nancy Edell's fantastical narratives, interacting with a bizarre range of characters: human, animal and insect. Edell liberally mixes the sacred and profane, borrowing imagery from many cultures, past and present, crossing the boundaries between the Western canons of high art and more vernacular traditions found in decorative arts and crafts - particularly those found in Latin America. Nancy Edell started making hooked rugs after moving to Nova Scotia in 1980, and is justly celebrated for her skill and inventiveness in this medium. Her rugs have been included in a range of national and international exhibitions over the past seventeen years. To describe Edell solely as a textile artist, however, would be misleading. The rugs represent part of a long, dedicated practice that has included animation, printmaking, drawing, painting, and mixed media works. Nancy Edell: Bricàbra will present a selection of her works in a variety of media.


2000, May 14 2000 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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