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Saskadiaspora 2

Exhibition of work by Calgary-based artist, Luanne Martineau.

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McFadden's Flats (detail) 1999, ink, silk-thread and white poster paint on cotton

Saskadiaspora is a nonsense word like Supercalifrajalisitcexpealadocious. But this fun with words belies the intent of this exhibition series at the Dunlop. "Sask" is of course from Saskatchewan, and "Diaspora" means a scattering of people of a common origin. Saskadiaspora is an ongoing series of exhibitions at Dunlop Art Gallery which presents the work of artists who have left Saskatchewan. Implicit in Saskadiaspora are questions of identity, community, economics and social history. Luanne Martineau's work makes sudden leaps of association. Ideas about narrative are an important aspect of her work. Just as she mixes conceptual references, Martineau mixes materials of multiple connotations, collapsing senses of time, place, and value. Her two-dimensional work combines drawing with embroidery, comic strips, and her own doodles, often depicting consumptive prairie landscapes. This cultural cutting and pasting reflects the Diasporic experience of dislocation, embodying and the concept of Saskadiaspora. Luanne Martineau was born and raised in Saskatoon. She currently resides in Calgary.


2000, Mar 19 2000 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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