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The Experiment

Curated by Jennifer Matotek & Wendy Peart


This exhibition runs May 17 to June 29, 2019 at Central Gallery.

Additional Information

Radha Chaddah, Nicole Clouston, Heather Komus, and Xiaojing Yan

Using strategies aligned with scientific, geographic, and other methodologies, the group exhibition The Experiment brings together artists who work in collaboration with nature and rely on natural processes to make their work. The selected artists generate conditions where at various points during their work’s creation, the pieces begin to develop according to the laws of nature without artist intervention or alteration. The exhibition brings up questions around where the artifice of the artist’s hand ends and the natural world begins, tying to conversations around nature and the environment as well as debates around labour. The Experiment reminds viewers of the existence of entities that are larger and more powerful then human forces, encouraging closer looks at the natural world.

Radha Chaddah, The Lord is Many, 2015, Chromogenic Flex print of astrocytes grown from human skin. Photo: courtesy of the artist


2019, May 17 2019 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,


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