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Breathing Room


Breathing Room

For artists Ruth Chambers and Karilee Fuglem, a preoccupation with the ephemeral is a means of investigating ideas connected to our lived experience as human beings. In the exhibition Breathing Room, Chambers and Fuglem explored the supple biological limits and subtle actions that inform our sense of the world around us. By deploying ephemeral objects in the gallery space -- porcelain vessels or almost weightless plastic bags -- these artists highlight the material negotiation of the pliable and momentary amid the monumental. By contemplating the fascinatingly delicate act of breathing, the artists suggest that such intangible movement, matter, and emotions are integral to our existence. Breath is virtually intangible, yet it is a vehicle for words -- and life itself.

Curator: Anthony Kiendl
Description: 2 pages; 8 colour images
Essay: Anthony Kiendl
ISBN: 1-894882-06-7

Retail Price: $5.00

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