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Charles Rea: Crystal Lab/Mirror Mazes


Rea, Charles (2006)

Crystal Lab is the most ambitious single work that Rea has realized, and its origins began with research into diagrams of labyrinths that he initially applied to small vanity mirrors and later, in the Mirror Maze series included in this exhibition, to larger convex security mirrors similar to those used in parking garages. . . . Placing these self-reflexive patterns on the convex surface of the mirror distorts what it reflects - the viewer - and instills a curious sense of unease between the resolve of the labyrinth and the exaggerated features of the body as it positions itself in front. The publication in folder format documents an exhibition at Dunlop Art Gallery Central Branch from January 27 to March 19, 2006.

Curator: Annette Hurtig
Description: Folder, 6 colour images
Essay: Keith Wallace
ISBN: 1-89488-18-0

Retail Price: $5.00 

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