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Mah, Jeannie (1991)

Jeannie Mah's porcelain vessels depart radically from stereotypes of both functional ceramics and fine china. Her ethereal cups, vases and pitchers are paper-thin, translucent and weightless. More than objects of technical virtuosity, these works hyperbolize the fragility of fine ceramics and the elasticity of porcelain. The surface motifs, colours and markings, as well as the usual bases and handles, parody historical ceramics. Mah's handbuilt vessels question our expectations of ceramic form, function and decoration.

Curator: Helen Marzolf
Description: Single-fold brochure; 1 b&w, 1 colour illustration
Essay: Helen Marzolf
ISBN: 0-920085-46-6

Retail Price: $3.00
Wholesale Price: $2.25
RPL Call Number: 709 mah 

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