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Godless at the Workbench


Godless at the Workbench

This publication documents the exhibition of illustrated journals (by famous Soviet artists), posters, archival photographs and films testifying to the Soviet anti-religious campaigns of 1918-1939. Because religion in the Russian empire had been one of the main markers of social identity, these campaigns (which heavily relied on visual propaganda) were determinant in the creation of a Soviet identity divorced from pre-revolutionary culture. Primarily, Godless at the Workbench explored the link between visual culture and the development of Soviet identity, through the visual materials produced for the anti-religious campaigns, or documentation of the campaigns. This exhibition was presented at Dunlop Art Gallery from January 17 to March 7, 2004.

Curator: Guest Curator Dr. Annie Gérin
Description: 169 pages, hard cover, 37 black and white, 39 colour images
Essay: Dr. Annie Gérin
ISBN: 1-894882-09-1

Retail Price: $20.00
RPL Call Number: Dunlop709.GERIN

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