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Godzilla vs Skateboarders: Skateboarding as a Critique of Social Spaces


Godzilla vs Skateboarders: Skateboarding as a Critique of Social Spaces

This catalogue documents the touring exhibition that gathers together artists who use the culture and practice of skateboarding as a means to critique architecture, social spaces, and the values constituted by those spaces. There are now an estimated 20 to 40 million dedicated practitioners of skateboarding worldwide. As British architecture critic Iain Borden states, "[Skateboarding's] representational mode is not that of writing, drawing, or theorizing, but of performing -- of speaking their meanings and critiques of the city through their urban actions. Here in the movement of the body across urban space, and in its direct interaction with the modern architecture of the city, lies the central critique of skateboarding -- a rejection both of the values and of the spatio-temporal modes of living in the contemporary capitalist city." In Godzilla vs. Skateboarders skateboarding is not simply presented as art, but it is recognized that contemporary art has an intimate relationship with the products and practices of popular culture. In Godzilla vs. Skateboarders, artists create architectural models, architects skateboard, and skateboarders take part in performance art. Artists include: Mowry Baden (Victoria); Aaron Carpenter (Vancouver); FASTWÜRMS (Toronto); Shaun Gladwell (Sydney, AU); Sandee Moore (Regina); Alex Morrison (Vancouver); and Juan Carlos Pérez Trejo (Adelaide, AU)

Curator: Anthony Kiendl
Description: 74 pages; 3 colour images; 30 duotones
Essay: Anthony Kiendl; Iain Borden
ISBN: 0-920085-93-8

Retail Price: $12.00

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