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Crate, Chuck (1996)

The collages of Saskatchewan artist Chuck Crate (1915-1992) originate in his politicized imagination. By recombining images from popular media, Crate's explores his position within local (southwestern Saskatchewan) and global communities. His wide personal interests - spiritualism, indigenous cultures, labour politics and a special obsession with the youth culture of the 1960s and 1970s - informed his work as much as twentieth century art. Using images from magazines, reproductions from art postcards and many other sources, Chuck Crate pieced together artwork which articulates a particular social and personal identity. Essays by guest curator Grant McConnell, and family members Joan, Stephanie and Lilian Crate are included in a brochure published in conjunction with a touring exhibition of Chuck Crate's work.

Curator: Grant McConnell
Description: 8 pages; 1 colour, 6 b&w
Essay: Grant McConnell, Stephanie Crate, Lilian Crate
ISBN: 0-920085-49-0

Retail Price: $7.50
Wholesale Price: $5.00
RPL Call Number: 709 CRATE 

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