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John Noestheden: Bumperedobjects


Noestheden, John (2003)

In 1999, Noestheden's bumperedobjects inhabited Dunlop Art Gallery, along with several unbumpered works, against the backdrop of his wall installation Cygnus. His solids, created with the most inert of materials (aluminum and rubber), summed up everything that is permanent and fixed. Noestheden chose to unfix the presentation by inviting people to rearrange the objects. An irresistible invitation, Noestheden would arrive in the gallery every day to see new arrangements, stacks, or regroupings of the bumperedobjects. He would return the objects to a predetermined matrix, a grid charted on the gallery floor. Noestheden saw this process as a "performative intervention," intended to emulate, or to set in motion, a model of chaos, albeit one that repeated itself every day, from the same starting position.

Curator: Helen Marzolf
Description: 24 pages; 6 colour images, 10 black and white images
Essay: Helen Marzolf
ISBN: 0-920085-85-7

Retail Price: $7.50

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