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Kriekle, Donna (1992)

Donna Kriekle makes lyrical images. "Angels," as she put it, "fly through my work." Her installation Lifelines takes life as its theme, and life's complications as its target. For a project such as Lifelines, whose mode of figuration is symbolic and affirmative, the ironic critical stance required by deconstruction would be inappropriate. Consistent with her long-standing practice as a painter and graphic designer, Donna Kriekle's new work reiterates her faith in the stability of visual representation.

Curator: Ingrid Jenkner
Description: 18 pages; 4 b&w, 6 colour illustrations
Essay: Ingrid Jenkner
ISBN: 0-920085-60-1

Retail Price: $8.00
Wholesale Price: $6.00
RPL Call Number: 709 KRIEK 

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