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Living Evidence


Favell, Rosalie (1994)

Rosalie Favell lives in Winnipeg, where she has been exhibiting her documentary portrait photographs since the mid-1980s. Living Evidence is her latest project. With this work, Favell continues her inquiry into her own identity, as reflected through her social connections with the other native women in her photographs. Living Evidence consists of 30 enlarged and inscribed copies of Polaroid snapshots. The originals document a personal relationship that ended six years ago. Mounted with photo corners, as though in a family album, Favell's images show head-and-shoulders views of herself and her former partner, also an indigenous woman. Both women smile for the camera. The nature of their relationship is never explicitly revealed in the photographs, but is disclosed through handwritten extracts from Favell's diary and the masking out of her former partner's eyes. By making this content visible through other than photographic means, Favell both questions assumptions about photographic truth-telling and acknowledges social constrains in her practice. Introduction/Foreword: Rosalie Favell

Curator: Ingrid Jenkner
Description: 3-fold brochure
Essay: Ingrid Jenkner
ISBN: 0-920085-80-6

Retail Price: $2.00
Wholesale Price: $1.50
RPL Call Number: 709 FAVEL 

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