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Marginal Recession


Poitras, Edward (1991)

Marginal Recession is a study of the simultaneous frailty and resilience of culture, both indigenous and eurocentric. Consistent with his previous work, Edward Poitras develops his statement/question/commentary from his own situation, his own history and experience. In this exhibition he assembled photographs, artifacts, text, sculpture and other forms representing a diversity of histories: allusions to classical mythology and to the dissolution of political systems; documents of students who negotiated the ethno-racial dilemmas of Indian residential schools. All are parts of a complex interpretation of social phenomena that extends far beyond Poitras' home place of Regina.

Curator: Helen Marzolf
Description: 25 pages; 7 b&w, 6 colour
Essay: Jimmie Durham
ISBN: 0-920085-42-3

Retail Price: $10.00
Wholesale Price: $7.50
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