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Massimo Guerrera: Darboral (and the maintenance of a practice field)


Guerrera, Massimo (2008)

Both playful and serious in intent, Massimo Guerrera's projects generate images and objects of uncertain and ambiguous origin, status and function. Usually of several years duration, these projects evince concern with a potential openess or porosity of the mind and the body. Exemplars of a new mode of art making called "relational aesthetics," Guerrera's projects call for audience participation, inviting "redeployment of the internal self within le corps-commun, a cosmology of relations with others." The relationships involved in the production, dissemination and consumption of food become metaphors for other kinds of social and economic interdependencies. The artist's probing of links between incorporation, corporeality and relationality continued in Darboral, curated by Adjunct Curator Annette Hurtig, exhibited October 13 to November 5, 2006 at Central Gallery, which has evolved through presentations at various locations since 2000.

Curator: Annette Hurtig
Description: 2 pages, 26 colour images
Essay: Annette Hurtig, Massimo Guerrera
ISBN: 978-1-894882-23-1

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