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Public Selections


Jodoin, André (1994)

To date, André Jodoin has used photocopies of book spines arranged as though on shelves, to point to critical phenomena. Several of his photocopy works index the intellectual orientations of art-world figures such as Janice Gurney and Phillip Monk, or even the artist and his partner Vera Lemecha. Since August 1993, when the Public Selections project commenced, the artist has been photocopying the spines of the books returned to the library by customers, after they were sorted on carts by the library staff. Jodoin describes Public Selections as "a work produced for Dunlop Art Gallery which acknowledges the context of the Regina Public Library. The installation 'maps' the movement of books through the hands of the customers and staff of the Central Library over a period of several months." Using photocopies pinned to the wall in grids resembling the Library stacks, Jodoin aims in this work "to represent library customers in the context of the Art Gallery by transforming traces of their reading selections into an abstract visual scheme."

Curator: Ingrid Jenkner
Description: 3-fold brochure
Essay: Ingrid Jenkner
ISBN: 0-92008576-8

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RPL Call Number: 709 JODOI 

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