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Queering Plunder


Queering Plunder

This catalogue documents an exhibit presented November 17, 2006 to January 14, 2007, in Central Gallery.

Queering Plunder presented recent video installations by five of this country’s most provocative and accomplished producers: Aleesa Cohene, Nelson Henricks, Dara Gellman and Leslie Peters (in collaboration) and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay. Their four works found connections in their unique capacity to challenge hetero-normative narratives in music, cinema and language. Through their collective crush on found media, the artists remake and remix the materials they have appropriated, recontextualizing it to produce sophisticated, poetic and counter-intuitive examinations of the intersections of popular media and a queer unconscious. It is at these intersections that we find the artists asking us to dispense with familiar understandings and move toward a new, queer kind of knowing.

Curator: Deirdre Logue
Description: 2 pages: 11 colour images
Essay: Deirdre Logue
ISBN: 978-1-894882-22-4
Retail Price: $5.00

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