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Same Time, Same Channel: Producing Nations Around the World

Various, Television (1996)

Same Time, Same Channel: Producing Nations Around the World

Dr. Sheila Petty, examines how television serials, a universally-popular form of storytelling have been transformed by various nations into products that encourage the construction and dissemination of their own national voices. The exhibition probes how a serial made for one specific cultural group can transcend boundaries to provide meaning to audiences around the world. Included in the exhibition are: Teens Confessions/Confissoes de Adolescente, Brazil, 1994; AIDS in the City/SIDA dans la Cité, Côte d'Ivoire, 1995; In a Time of Violence, South Africa, 1994; Emilie/Les Filles de Caleb, Québec, 1990-1991; Coronation Street, United Kingdom, 1960-continuing.

Curator: Dr. Sheila Petty
Description: 17 pages; 8 b&w
Essay: Dr. Sheila Petty
ISBN: 0-920085-53-9

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