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Suburbia: Susan Dobson and Keith Moulding


Suburbia: Susan Dobson and Keith Moulding

This brochure documents the exhibition Suburbia: Keith Moulding and Susan Dobson at the Sherwood Village Branch Gallery, June 8 to August 19, 2001. Arguably "the mother" of all real estate booms, the colonization of the Canadian plains relied on a sophisticated advertising campaign, which lured thousands of Europeans to the region. The agrarian utopia portrayed by the campaign has since dissolved. Now people migrate to Suburbia, a place detached from geography, occupation, or history. Saskatchewan photographer Keith Moulding documents, with deadpan economy, the relics littering the trail from rural to urban. Susan Dobson photographs her Oakville, Ontario neighbourhood, located in a new subdivision, lush with the pastels of chipboard, insulation, and vinyl siding. Both Dobson and Moulding's photography goes beyond the links between rural depopulation and urban growth to consider how concepts of home are being redefined.

Curator: Helen Marzolf
Description: 2 pages, full colour, 7 colour images
Essay: Helen Marzolf
ISBN: 0-920085-96-2

Retail Price: $2.50
RPL Call Number: Dunlop 709 MARZO

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