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McKeough, Rita (1990)

Since 1981, McKeough has used the leitmotif of the house/home in her work, whether she is concerned with civic building policies, the nuclear controversy or domestic conflict. In TREMOR, built specifically for Dunlop Art Gallery, McKeough used audio, text, projected images and a constructed environment to examine a woman's path in discovering the power of her own voice after leaving an abusive domestic relationship. By siting a traditional private subject within a public space, McKeough challenged the politics of distinguishing between public and private, and the gallery's role as a public space.

Curator: Helen Marzolf
Description: 20 pages; 5 b&w, 4 colour illustrations
Essay: Helen Marzolf
ISBN: 0-920085-31-8

Retail Price: $10.00
Wholesale Price: $7.50
RPL Call Number: 709 MCKEO

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