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The Sun Never Sets: Victoria Park in Context


The Sun Never Sets: Victoria Park in Context

“The sun never sets” refers both to Regina’s status as “The Queen City”, named after Queen Victoria Regina and the brilliant prairie sunshine that bathes its streets and parks. The name of Victoria Park connects it to colonial England, and places it in several contexts; a local context as the main downtown square and a global context as a member of a worldwide “club” of Victoria Parks. Similarly, the architecture that surrounds the park is influenced by international styles and trends of the last one hundred years with often regional characteristics that allow the buildings to co-exist and form the spatial edge of the park. New works by Rachelle Viader Knowles and Don Gill explored Victoria Park today: as a concept and a place, juxtaposed with a history of Victoria Park and the buildings which rose around it

The Sun Never Sets: Victoria Park in Context was presented at Dunlop Art Gallery, July 25 to September 14, 2008.

Curators: Elizabeth McLuhan and Bernard Flaman
Description: 48 pages, 59 colour photographs, 26 black and white photographs
Essays: Bernard Flaman, Annette Hurtig
ISBN: 978-1-894882-31-6
Retail Price: $25.00

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