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Wiens, Robert (2003)

Saskatoon artist Ernest Lindner (1897-1988) and Robert Wiens of Picton, Ontario are a generation apart, but this exhibition catalogue documents their similar scrutiny of trees and forest. In their work, they stray from the well-worn path of landscape conventions to recast the mechanics of painting and propose divergent reads on waldsterben or "forest death". Robert Wiens' towering close-ups of pine trunks have an elergiac feel, whereas Lindner's earlier representations of forest regeneration seem luminously optimistic. Lindner's work recalls abstract painting by virtue of history. Wiens' slightly against-the-grain images are unapologetically painterly and sumptuous.

Curator: Helen Marzolf
Description: 2 Pages, 4 colour images
Essay: Helen Marzolf
ISBN: 0-920085-94-6

Retail Price: $4.50
RPL Call Number: 709 MARZO

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