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Visual Evidence

Various, Publications (1993)

Visual Evidence

The catalogue documents an exhibition of works by 15 contemporary artists, in combination with books, periodicals and newspapers from the Regina Public Library collections. The project places art in a critical relationship with information culture, so as to probe the evidentiary meanings attributed to certain kinds of images - primarily but not exclusively photographs. In the catalogue essay, Jenkner cites the courtroom protocols used in the presentation of police photographs, comparing the "objectivity" constructed through this process to the debates around the Shroud of Turin. Analyzing photographic realism as a set of fully assimilated figurative conventions, Jenkner infers that "the photographic" as opposed to photographs per se, is visually sufficient to cue belief. Works of art in the exhibition displace the legal fiction of the index (a one-to-one relationship between an image and something it refers to), in favour of critical fiction. Critical fiction works against illusionism, to expose the mechanisms that turn seeing into believing.

Curator: Ingrid Jenkner
Description: 38 pages; 26 b&w illustrations
Essay: Ingrid Jenkner
ISBN: 0-920085-68-7

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