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Who's Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green?

Who's Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green

The formalist aesthetics of the modernist movement of the 1960s - which influenced many Saskatchewan artists via the Emma Lake workshops - are being reconsidered by female Canadian artists at various stages of their careers; an interesting phenomenon given that women artists were largely excluded from the intellectual discourse at the birth of the movement. Who's Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green?  brings together new works by artists from across Canada who utilize formalist aesthetics in ways that take new conceptual, narrative and aesthetic turns.

The Who' Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green? catalogue features critical essays by exhibition curator Jennifer Matotek and art historian Mark Cheetham, a specially-commissioned artist project by Joy Walker, and 58 full-colour photographs.

Artists featured include: Krista Buecking, Arabella Campbell, Jessica Eaton, Marie Lannoo, Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins, Luce Meunier, Sarah Nasby, Sasha Pierce, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, Celia Perrin Sidarous, and Joy Walker.

Description: 144 pages, softcover, 54 colour illustrations
Essays: Mark Cheetham and Jennifer Matotek
ISBN: 978-1-910433-28-7
Retail Price: $29.99
RPL Call Number: Cataloguing in process

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