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Work, Weather and the Grid: Agriculture in Saskatchewan


Various, Farm History (1991)

Farming has defined the social and economic nature of settlement, the grid land system, the towns, and local culture in Saskatchewan. This exhibition was the first to examine the history of agricultural work, how that work has been seen or represented, and what it is understood to mean. Using the perspective of 'visual history', the exhibition examined painting, sculpture, drawing and graphics, plus documentary photography and the promotional arts: advertising, postcards, newspaper and periodical illustration (whose mass development parallels the agricultural settlement of the west.) Similarly, works by professional and self-taught "folk" artists were included as well as the anonymous "journeymen" of documentary photography and advertising.

Curator: Rosemary Donegan
Description: 68 pages; 65 b&w, 10 colour illustrations
Essay: Rosemary Donegan
ISBN: 0-920085-40-7

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